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All Policies of the Ayer Library are approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

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Library Mission
Ayer Library strives to serve its community as a source of reliable information and will provide educational, informational, cultural, and recreational materials to meet the needs of its users. The Library may also present and make available a variety of cultural and recreational activities. It will support and respond to the educational and cultural activities of the community. The Library will provide opportunity and encouragement for all people to pursue the goal of individual development. Materials purchased are a reflection of the range of interests found in this particular community. At all times, the Library will seek to provide a collection which responds to the unique characteristics and needs of its community.

NEW Policies
Patron Conduct and Decorum
Video Game Policy
Unscheduled Closures (Snow Days)

Materials Selection Policy
Circulation of Library Materials Policy
Overdue Fees Policy
State Law Notice
Friends of the Ayer Library
Library Volunteers
Library Card Policy
Patron Internet Policy
Historical Room Policy
Meeting Room Policy
Community Board Policy
Repository Policy
Unattended Children Policy
Children’s Computer Policy
Laptop Policy

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