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Summer Reading 2020

Summer Reading at Ayer Library is here!

This year, all Summer Reading programs will use Beanstack, a fun, easy way to keep track of your books and activities and earn badges and prizes. You can download the Beanstack app, which allows you to scan the ISBN barcodes of books to quickly update the list of books that you’ve read and track your progress. Follow the steps below to use Beanstack:

Step 1: Sign up for Summer Reading at Beanstack.

Step 2: Log your reading and activities.

Step 3: Earn badges and prizes!

Children’s Summer Reading

Week 1: 

Directions: Click here to print a picture frame. Imagine your best dragon! What would it look like? DRAW YOUR OWN DRAGON, and bring it back for our Summer Reading Club at the Ayer Library.

If I Had a Gryphon by Vikki VanSickle


Author Reads


Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke


Chore Charts


Week 2: Fairy/Gnome, Pirate

How to Train Your Dragon

Chapter 1 Read by Author

Book Trailer

Backyard Fairies by Phoebe Wahl

How to Make a Fairy Crown


A Fairy Friend by Sue Fliess

Teacher Guide

Fairy Magic Rainbow by Daisy Meadows 

Online Game


Week 3:

Outsider, Explorers of the Wild by Cale Atkins

Printable Discover Journal

Video: How to Make Binoculars





Week 4: Scientist

Mary Had a Little Lab by Sue Fliess

Book Trailer

Activity Kit



Inky’s Great Escape: The Incredible (and Mostly True) Story of an Octopus Escape by Casey Lyall

Printables – Thumbprint Ocean Animals


Apple Boat Science




Week 5: Game On!



Lego Challenge Pages


How to Play Garbage (card game for all ages, 10 minutes)



Week 6:


We’re All Wonders by R. J. Palacio

Printable – Coloring Page

Read Aloud




Hands Up by Breanna J. McDaniel 

Read Aloud


Week 7: Imagine Your Story

Be You by Peter H. Reynolds

Read Aloud

Activities Packet


Also an Octopus by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Benji Davies


Young Adult Summer Reading


Teens/Young Adults can also earn badges and prizes for reading and doing activities throughout the summer! Just go to Beanstack and sign up to get started!



Week 1: Connections with BFF


Envelope Template

Border Page 1

Border Page 2

Week 2: Lyrics and Tik Tok

Song Sheet Layout

Wiki: How to Write a Song

Dance Elements

TikTok Funny Pets Video

Week 3: Flicks for Fun

Character Tree

Book Cover

Make a Filmstrip Story

Week 4: Nature and Green Stuff

Virtual Vacation 1

Virtual Vacation 2

Road Trip Bingo

Week 5: Ninja Warrior

American Hedgehog Warrior Video

Title Card

How to Draw a Hedgehog

Week 6: Master Chef

Cake Mug Recipes

Outdoor Games

Week 7: Throwback Thursday

How to Make a Fortune-Teller

How to Do Cat’s Cradle with String


Adult Summer Reading

Adults can also read books and complete activities to earn badges and the chance to win prizes this summer. Sign up for Beanstack to start logging your progress!

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