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If you are an Ayer Library patron with an active C/W MARS library card, you can access a large collection of e-books made available through OverDrive.  


OverDrive® is a collection of e-books, downloadable audiobooks and videos that you can access using your Ayer / C/W MARS library card. If you would like to read a book on your Kindle, Nook, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other e-reader, smart phone, or computer, you can use the OverDrive Digital Catalog.
When you enter the Digital Catalog, log-in with your Ayer Library card number (barcode on back of card) and you will be able to access OverDrive e-books.
Click here for instructions to start using the OverDrive app.


Libby is an e-reader app available through OverDrive. If you are just getting started with OverDrive, we recommend using Libby. Libby is the easiest way to borrow and enjoy e-books and audiobooks from your library, and is available for Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch), and Windows 10.
Get started with Libby or learn more about it.

     ** For a free, online tutorial on using OverDrive and Libby, visit Niche Academy. **

Reciprocal Lending Agreement
You can now use your CW MARS library card to
borrow eBooks and audio books from other library networks.


In addition to using OverDrive through CW MARS
(, you can now also log into:  

SAILS Library Network:
Old Colony Library Network:
Minuteman Library Network:

On the “Sign In” page, you will see a box that asks you to “Select Your Library from the List Below.” CW MARS patrons should choose "CW MARS Patrons” from the list. Then you can enter your library card barcode to log in.
This process is the same regardless of which library network you are logging into.
There is no “single sign on.” You will have to sign into each library network separately to access that library network’s eBooks and audio books.
You can borrow eBooks and audio books from the other library networks. The loan periods are subject to the local rules of that library network and not to the rules of CW MARS.

For more information please contact the library staff at 978-772-8250 or click here for help.